The border is the problem …

Action-days for Freedom of movement in Tunis between 5th and 7th of September 2013

At 6th of September 2012 a boat with 135 harragas capsized very close to the rocks of Lampione near Lampedusa. Although observed and known by tunesian and italian borderguards and although SOS was sended, the resuce-operations started only with much delay. Finally 79 men, women and children died or disappeared.

The incident is the consequence of a borderregime, which caused thousands of death and disapperaence within last years all around the European Union because of its restrictive and exclusive Visa-System. The EU-migration policy is characterized by militarized controls, by (illegal) push-backs, by detention and deportation of refugees and migrants. Searching for a secure life and a better income is criminalized by the goverments of the same richer countries, which are responsible for an injust world and which profit by the permanent exploitation, by cheap raw-materials and by very low wages in the global south.

For the anniversary of the death and disappearance of the 79 boatpeople at Lampione we call for a transnational protest in Tunis around the 6th of September 2013.
We are sad. We are angry. We want change!

The border is the problem… and we demand the immediate abolishment of the deathly Visa-regime of the European Union. To the tunesian government we demand to cancel all agreements with EU to become a new watchdog of migration-control. We are struggling for a world without borders and for freedom of movement for everybody. In particular we support all boatpeople, all Harragas, who try to take their right. The revolution in Tunesia was made for dignity and freedom, including the freedom to travel. The earth is for all!

We call and invite to come to Tunis between 5th and 7th of September for transnational activities. The three days of actions will include protests in front of european embassies and a commemoration. We plan for public interventions and a stage in the city center for a political and cultural program for freedom of movement.

Join us, contact us:

Initiated by Activists from Article 13, from Afrique-Europe-Interact and from Welcome to Europe;

Supported by La Terre pour Tous and LeVenticinqueundici
With Participation of Blech Hess and Watch The Med

francais-tunis-call sept-13 (pdf)

الحدود هي المشكل(pdf)