Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter Nr. 18 in English

+++ Nobordercamp Rotterdam started +++ Wave of Protests of Refugees and Migrants is spreading +++ Protest and Hunger Strike in Stuttgart +++ Protest Tent in Bitterfeld +++ Demonstration by ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ +++ Two Protest Marches through Bavaria planned +++ Retrospective of July Protests +++ Update of Blocking of Deportations +++ No-Fingerprint Protests on Lampedusa +++ New Storm on the Fences in Melilla +++ Transborder Map becomes interactive +++ Common Actions in Tunis early September +++ International Blockupy Conference in Frankfurt in October +++

Dear Friends!

Greek activists talked about a ‘virus of solidarity’ , when during a recent round trip they reported about their struggles and projects against the crisis regime. A similar ‘virus’ seems to be spreading as well in the resistance against the border and deportation regime…

Early July we already reported on the increasing protests in Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Munich, in which places demonstrations, hunger strikes and protest marches keep occurring throughout August. In addition to this, there were self-organized protest actions during the last days and weeks, e.g. in Eisenhüttenstadt, Witzenhausen, Jena, Eisenberg and Bitterfeld. Below we will document this growing wave of resistance in short excerpts and with links to the relevant blogs and websites. We will furthermore give you an update on the anti-deportation protests of the last weeks.

In the last newsletters we elaborated on the parallel protests of refugees and migrants in Vienna, Amsterdam and Budapest and from Greece to Tunisia. In the present edition we will now touch the current struggles and confrontations on Lampedusa and at Melilla.
The ‘persistence of the movements of migration’ at the external borders of the EU is being dealt with in a chapter of a survey which was drawn up in May in the context of the transnational dimensions and dynamics of the struggles for freedom of movement. In this regard you will therefore find a reference and link below, as well as concerning the Transborder Map, a transnational map of resistance against the border regime, of which an interactive version will go online shortly. A call for participation will follow in the next weeks. This project will simultaneously be directly presented during meetings, e.g. in the next days at the Nobordercamp in Rotterdam, which started a few days ago and will continue throughout this week.

http://kompass.antira.info was established in 2011 as a platform for information and to offer a survey of the antiracist movement. It aims on the presentation of the manifold antiracist initiatives and its complex spectrum, last not least to facilitate a better access for new interested people. This monthly newsletter is another attempt to improve a continuous process of networking and to try to broaden the movement. And we are happy to pick up hints and short reports about your mobilisations and actions.

All the best,
the Kompass Crew

Contact: kompass-notify@antira.info

PS: The Kompass Antiracist newsletter was ususally published in German and for the first time it is available now in English. And we will also in the future try our best to provide at least translations into English.

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