Newsletter Nr. 30 – August 2014

+++ From 14.7. to 27.8.: Float tour with Women in Exile +++ After the schools´ squatting in Berlin…+++ Daily struggles against Dublin III +++ Stop Deportation Camp in Eisenhüttenstadt from 26.8. to 1.9. +++ Frankfurt/M to dying in the Mediterranean +++ Further announcements for the coming weeks: Nationwide gathering for working migration in the EU in Munich, Blockupy transnational in Brüssel, 20 years The Voice in Jena, Baden-Württemberg-AntiRa-Conference in Stuttgart +++

Dear friends!

When this newsletter went to press at the occupied school in Berlin was still a fight going on and if the eviction will be enforced by all means was not clear yet. Further down you will find some more summarized information about this and the current mobilization.
Refugee women become loud: On July 14th a action tour with a refugee boat has begun. This tour is a cooperation of Heinz Ratz and ´Women in Exile` who will be on the tour through the Lagers through whole august (check the link for the dates further down).

For the call “Time to Act – Abolish Dublin” here a direct link:
In many cities the fight against Dublin III ist a major field for actions; there are blockings against Dublin deportations and in more and more cities there is asylum given by churches as a protected place to endure the time limit of six months after which Germany is in charge of the asylum cases instead of deporting to Italy or Hungary. Further down more information and a hint to the recently published judgement by the Federal Court of Justice in which incarceration due to the Dublin Regulation are forbidden.

This is in only very little time the second juristical success against custody pending deportation after the European Court of Justice forbid this kind of detention. If these positive decisions bring tendencies for the closure of custody pending deportation or only a reformation like it is practiced by some counties and governmental circles tell will not be decided in the court room.
In fact it is more protest and resistance needed and that´s why we want to refer to the ´Stop Deportation Camp` in Eisenhüttenstadt in the end of august and to the 20-year annivesary of ‘The Voice Refugee Forum’ in Jena in the beginnig of october: the fight against deportation and custody pending deportation will be a major part in both of the events. was created in 2011 as a platform for overview and information for and about the antiracist movement to introduce the diverse antiracist initiatives in a wide range and to give thus a better access for interested people. With this newsletter we want to take a further step to intensify and broaden networks. We really like to receive announcements and reports of non-regional events and actions.

Something on our own behalf:
In the last months we could realize to publish this newsletter in three different languages (d, en, fr).
We are very happy about this and we ask everybody to spread the links appropriately.
Still we are looking for people who could work on translations. To keep on publishing this newsletter it is also very necessary to have people who want to contribute in the contents, technique and layout.

All the best,
the Kompass Crew

Newsletter Nr. 30 – August 2014 in english (pdf)