Kompass-Newsletter Nr. 32 – October 2014

+++ Actions for Commemoration and Protest at Lampedusa Anniversary +++ “Watch The Med Alarm Phone” starts on 10th October +++ Lampedusa In HH: Emancipation Days on 10./11.10 +++ AntiRa-Conference in Stuttgart on 18.10. +++ News from Tanger/Marocco +++ Report on the nationwide meeting on EU-working migration in Munich +++ Blockupy-Festival in November in Frankfurt +++

Dear Friends!

These days shocking news from the Mediterranean Sea intermingle with the commemoration of the maritime disaster on the 3rd October 2013 near Lampedusa: the death at sea does not come to an end. Even if at this case Mafia structures should be held responsible for this mass murder, it was only possible thanks to the background of an EU border and visa-regime forcing refugees and migrants on theses dangerous routes. What we already formulated in our last newsletter now becomes evident in official documents: „Frontex plus“ in the central Mediterranean sea focuses intentionally on less rescue and therefore more letting-die.

In many cities commemoration ceremonies or protest actions against the national and European policies of exclusion and expulsion will take place in the beginning of October (see below). And as presented in our September Newsletter the „Watch-the-Med-Alarm“-Phone starts its services the 10th October. It’s the ambitious try to intervene in real-time in the injustices at sea through a new transnational everyday structure (see more below).
Finally, this newsletter contains a short report on the nationwide meeting on EU-working migration in Munich as well as the first invitation to the Festival in Frankfurt in November.

All the best,
the Kompass-Crew
Contact: kompass-notify@antira.info

Newsletter Nr. 32 – October 2014 (pdf)