Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter Nr. 51 – July/August 2016

Kompass-NewsletterNr. 51 – July/August 2016 (pdf)
+++ 15/7 to 24/7: No Border Camp Thessaloniki … and Münster +++ From 15/7 in Berlin, Bielefeld, Brandenburg: No Stress Tour +++ 25/7 to 14/8: Summer Bus Tour by Wome in Exile +++ 4/8 to 7/8: Solidarity4all – Camp against the deportation camp im Bamberg +++ Central Mediterranean and Sea Watch Air +++ Push Back in the Aegean in the presence of Frontex +++Europe´s best hotel in Athens +++ Röszke II and situation in Hungary +++ Roma protests for the right to stay in Berlin and Regensburg +++ campaign by JoG +++ Petition for language courses for all +++ struggles against new labour law in France +++ Lexit not Brexit? +++ Reviews: Demo at embassies in Berlin, Welcome2stay, Defencing Festival +++ Preview for September and October: Blockupy blockade of the Labour Ministry in Berlin, Transnational Social Strike meeting in Paris +++

Dear friends,

come to the No Border Camp in Thessaloniki! It starts next Friday (15/7) and it might be one of the biggest and most transnational camps in the history of No Border. Various convois from Spain, Italy, the Balkans, and Germany have announced themselves, activists from Turkey and Tunisia intend to join. Thousands of refugees and migrants live/survive in isolated conditions in camps and factory halls around Thessaloniki. Establishing contact collectively and encouraging self-organisation are central intentions of the days of protest in the „hotspot of the European border regime“. An exchange of initiatives along the Balkans route under the new and old conditions af migration movements being pushed into clandestinity, networking for new transnational projects for freedom of movement, discussions about social struggles and last but not least protests at deportation prisons and at the Greece-Turkey border: the 10 days program promises much practical encouragement in exciting combination. We will see…

For those who can´t or don´t want to go to Greece there will be the opportunity to get together for a camp in Münster at the same time – or to participate in the bus tour by women in exile across Germany, the No Stress Tour through Brandenburg or the Solidarity4all camp against the deportations camp in Bamberg. There are countless possibilities to contribute to the intensification of networks of contact and new local initiatives. Aren´t the construction and extension of coninuous everyday structures the most sustainable answer to the racist mainstream which seems to gather strength unchecked? From the German law for (prevention of) integration to the renewed attempt to outsource the EU border regime to war-torn and dictatorial countries of transit and origin; from Bulgarian and Hungarian militias hunting transit refugees to the xenophobis and racist Brexit campaign in the UK, the success of which will spur on all nationalist assholes: the “divide and conquer” is working out all too well. But in the social-political polarisations across Europe glimmers of hope are appearing. A special example are the mass protests against the new labour law in France which have been going on for four months. The connection of these protests, at least at certain points, to resolute strikes and blockades have made new dynamics and potentials become apparent in recent weeks…

There is more information and numerous links about all this, as well as all the activities listed in this introduction, in the following agenda and summaries in this summer newsletter.

Greetings in solidarity
the Kompass team

Kompass-NewsletterNr. 51 – July/August 2016 (pdf)