Transnational Mailinglist on Migration/Noborder-Network

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The action2-mailinglist was established after the migrationrelated events in and around the European Social Forum (ESF) in 2004 in London, in order to continue with transnational communication for a migrationrelated action(!)-day. Later on it was decided to keep the list for further exchange and communications (more and more replacing the older smaller noborder-mailinglist). The list was again offered in the Athens ESF 2006, in Malmoe 2008 and in Istanbul 2010. And more people and groups from all over Europe and beyond got subscribed in the meanwhile during the various nobordercamps (for example Ushgorod 2007, Lesvos 2009) and transnational events (for example G8 Rostock 2007, transnational chain of actions 2008) within the last 4 years.