Kompass-Newsletter No 37 – February 2015

+++ 7.3. in Potsdam: No camps for women! Abolish all camps! +++ 18zero3 – take a day off: Noborder goes Blockupy III in Frankfurt +++ Starts 24.3.: World Social Forum +++ 27.3. in Hamburg: Farewell for Sea-Watch-Project +++ Criminalization regarding resistance against “Residenzpflicht” in Schwäbisch Gmünd +++ Protest against collective deportations in Ba-Wü +++ Network “Europa für Alle” +++ Greece: If elections could change anything? +++ Reviews: transnational action days in Berlin, Tanger; Push Back Frontex against Rösler – Speach +++ Prospect: 10. until 18.4.: Action week against the tightening of asylum laws +++

Dear friends!

During the days of creating this newsletter: In Dresden there were demonstrating up to 5000 people against racism and for equal rights for everybody the 28.2. (www.feb28.net); “Freie Fahrt am Brenner” is demanded on the first of march by NoBorder activists during an action against racist controls and push backs from Austria to Italy (www.plattform-bleiberecht.at); and on the second of march active refugees gathered in Schwäbisch Gmünd to protest against their criminalization of civil disobediance towards the “Residenzpflicht”.
This information was not known to us in the end of January that is why we could not announce it in the last Kompass.
In the short-term or spontaneous there is almost daily actions and mobilizations against the inner and outer borders of the EU. The information for prospect and review in the newsletter we have compiled for you this time is surely incomplete.

Before, two basic notes and the first one comes as a quotation from a recent text of the “Forschungsgesellschaft für Flucht und Migration”:
“Fortress Europe did not arise with crusades or the Reconquista. It is not 500 years old but 20 to 25 years. It serves the maintenance of the social gap at the Mediterranean Sea which became in the last two decades as deep as never before in a thousand of years historical known history of the Mediterranean Sea area. The living conditions between southern Europe and northern Africa are located in proportion 1:13 (…) With respect to the crisis which is experienced by Fortress Europe right now it is time to have a look into the future: One would like to say that Fortress Europe will be only left as a footprint in history – would not be there the thousands of dead people who are produced by the isolation of the EU and the suffering which is created by the process of impoverishment.
The let-to-die in the Mediterranean, the change of the sea into a mass grave in our days will be reminded as disgrace of Europe and as a crime to humanity. (look http://ffm-online.org/2015/02/12/die-krise-der-festung-europa/#more-28412). We consider this method of approach to rip up the historical context in such a manner as important and interesting regarding the intense recent movements and struggles of migration.
The second note: With Blockupy and the organisation “Europa für Alle” we took two points in this newsletter which reflect the social range in which we want to locate the migrant and refugees struggles.
Whether in connection between the resistance against crisis and borders or bringing together the struggles against racist and exploitative conditions of the EU – internal (Working-) Migration, both complexes stand for the necessary effort of the social expansion from anti-racist initiatives.

All the best,
your Kompass-Team

Kompass-Newsletter No 37 – February 2015 (pdf)