Kompass-Newsletter Nr. 38 – April 2015

+++ From 8 April.: International action day of Roma +++ 10 April to 18 April: action week against the planned tightening asylum law +++ 16 April in Wittenberg: Info-Tour of refugee activists from Schwäbisch Gmünd who is threatened by imprisoning +++ From 18 April: Bustour of Refugees vom O-Platz +++ Stop eviction of Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule +++ Frankfurt, Erfurt, HiIdesheim, Merseburg and again and again Osnabrück: Deportations stops everywhere +++ Retrospect: Struggles against detention centres in UK and Greece, Blockupy 18Zero3 +++ Outlook: Sea Watch at the start; BuKo and G7-Tour in May; Right to global movement: from WSF in Tunis to Action days in June … +++

Dear friends!

“Liberte de Circulation”, the right to global movement, was not by chance the central issue in migration-related workshops of the WSF end of March in Tunis. If and how far the adopted proposal to call from now on to an international action week for movement of freedom in June is to put into practise may be of secondary importance in the first place. It is more important that even in the agenda of big NGOs itself it reflects politically how the situation looks like everyday: an on-going and successful fight against the inner and eternal borders of the EU.
The current arrival number (March 2015) have been increased again, both in the central Mediterranean and in the Aegean. Frontex is with their back to the wall, there lies ahead a truly “hot” summer.
And at the same time there are protest inside the EU against detention, camps and deportations.
Below there are some – also international – reports about new calls and dates which complies within Germany against the planned tightening asylum law.
Like some months ago self-critically mentioned in our newsletter, the campaign against the “harshest and shabbiest one which occurred to a German ministery” (Heribert Prantl in Süddeutsche Zeitung) should have been much more stronger, faced with the diversity of anti-racist initiatives.
But an overlapping coordination was (is) missing and there is a concern that this new concoction of imprisonment and exclusion will be adopted in May from the Bundestag without public and visible resistance.
So here again the invitation to the creative participation during the action days in April.
In an exemplary manner there is developing a resistance against another pillar of the border regime. National wide the praxis of collective deportation stops has been spread.
From Osnabrück viaFrankfurt, Erfurt, Hildesheim to Merseburg: if the police wants to pick up refugees in the early morning in the camps as announced, then there are many people who get in the way of the police and from – literally – a wall of solidarity against the daily injustice of deportation. Go on!

All the best,
the Kompass-AntiRa-Team

Kompass – Newsletter Nr. 38 – April 2015 (pdf)