Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter No. 53 – October 2016

Kompass-Newsletter No. 53 – October 2016 (pdf)

+++ Starting 8.10. in Bavaria: March From Munich to Nuremberg +++ Greece: „Hotspot“ Moria Burnt Down After Protests +++ Balkan Route: March (attempt) from Belgrade and renewed Live Feed +++ Worsening Situation in Calais +++ 21. – 23.10. in Paris: Transnational Social Strike Conference +++ 28.10. in Budapest: Demonstration in Solidarity with Röszke 11 +++ 29.10. in Nuremberg: Demonstration „Fighting Causes of Flight” +++ Welcome to Greece Guide – New Edition +++ Valetta Process +++ Reviews: Pro Asyl Award for Human Rights for Father Mussie Zerai, Alarm Phone Meeting and Ferry not Frontex in Tanger, Strike Conference Frankfurt +++ Outlook: 19./20.11. in Frankfurt about the Possibility of an AntiRa Conference in 2017; 3./4.12. Conference in Hamburg against the G20 in July 2017… +++

Dear friends,

scandalous deportations from Italy to Sudan, an extortionate remission agreement between the EU and Afghanistan, a planned new deal with Egypt – hardly one day passes without disturbing news and plans of deterrence from the various levels of a completely ruthless border regime. But at the same time, there is no day passing by without confrontations and struggles for the freedom of movement either! While the EU is trying by all means to equip Libya to be the new watchdog, on the two days of the 3rd and 4th of October alone 10,000 people entered the boats towards Italy. While ministers of Syriza in Greece maintain the “island detention” as demanded by the EU, the largest “Hotspot” on Lesbos burned down. While the very few holes on the Balkan Route are getting closed down by even more fences and military, more than 400 Refugees try out a new “March of Hope” from Belgrade. Fierce conflicts from Ceuta to Calais, and in Bavaria self-organized refugees start a protest march from Munich to Nuremberg on the 8th of October…

Straight through Europe spaces were and are fought for. Migration and the question of (equal) rights permanently determine the discourses of society. The following little example shows, that not everybody is moving to the right on these polarizing issues: On the strike conference at the beginning of October in Frankfurt, the chairwoman of the union NGG (which is not exactly known to be specifically radical) was asked how she coped with members voting for the AfD. Her answer was something close to this: “Of course we are having a substantial debate about it. But when single colleagues resign because of our clear position against the AfD, then” – literally – “fuck it!”.

Along these lines, with anti-racist regards,
your Kompass-Team

Kompass-Newsletter No. 53 – October 2016 (pdf)